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Leading with Vision: Meet the Visionaries Behind Siri Info Solutions

Subba Arumilli - Founder and CEO

The Visionary Leader Driving Digital Transformation

Subba Arumilli, the Founder and CEO of Siri InfoSolutions, is leading the way towards a technology-driven future with his passion for innovation and commitment to delivering customized IT solutions and expert consulting services. With a unique blend of business acumen, technical expertise, and leadership skills, Subba has made Siri InfoSolutions a trusted partner for businesses across a wide range of industries.

From cloud computing to cybersecurity, Subba and his team are always at the forefront of the latest technology trends, helping their clients stay ahead of the competition. Under Subba's guidance, Siri InfoSolutions is poised to continue its rapid growth and transform the world of IT solutions. The company is committed to providing exceptional service, and Subba's vision has earned Siri InfoSolutions a reputation as a reliable and innovative leader in the IT industry.

Sudheer Doupaty - Chief Operating Officer – COO

Sudheer Doupaty is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Siri InfoSolutions. With his deep understanding of the latest technology trends and their impact on business, Sudheer has been instrumental in driving digital transformation and helping our clients stay ahead of the curve. His focus on building strong client relationships, developing talented teams, and fostering a culture of excellence has been integral to our success.
Under Sudheer's leadership, Siri InfoSolutions has expanded its service offerings, enhanced its operational capabilities, and achieved significant growth. As COO, he is committed to building on this success and delivering exceptional value to our clients. With his unwavering dedication and vision, Sudheer is driving Siri InfoSolutions towards a future of continued innovation and success.

Advisory Board

Baskar Rao - Chief Financial Officer

Baskar Rao serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Siri InfoSolutions, bringing with him extensive experience in financial planning, accounting, and strategic management. His deep understanding of financial trends and market dynamics has been instrumental in guiding Siri InfoSolutions' financial strategy and driving the company's growth. Under Baskar's leadership, Siri InfoSolutions has achieved significant financial success, enabling the company to expand its service offerings, enhance its operational capabilities, and invest in cutting-edge technologies. His focus on financial discipline, risk management, and value creation has been critical to the company's success, and he continues to play a vital role in shaping the company's financial future.

Kesav - EVP – Managing Partner

As the EVP of Technology Partner Services at Siri InfoSolutions, Kesav is responsible for building strategic partnerships and alliances to drive business growth through technology. He has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for clients across various industries and is passionate about leveraging technology to drive innovation and transform businesses.

Pushpendra Mishra - Managing Partner

As the Vice President of Client Onboarding, Pushpendra Mishra plays a critical role in ensuring that our clients receive exceptional service from the very beginning of their partnership with Siri InfoSolutions.With over a decade of experience in operations management and customer service, Pushpendra leads a team of experts who are dedicated to delivering personalized solutions and providing a seamless onboarding experience for our clients.He is passionate about building long-term relationships with clients and ensuring their success throughout their journey with Siri InfoSolutions.

Executive Operational Personnel

Milind - EVP – Legal Team

Naga Devi Gundepenedi - EVP – Corporate Financials

Supriya - AVP – Financial Operations

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